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Ask yourself these important questions…

1. Do you have items or merchandise you want to sell?

2. Do you want to turn dead inventory into cash?

3. Do you have items in the attic or garage that you would like to clear out and profit monetarily?

4. Do you want to know what it takes to set up a complete auction account with the ability to take online payments?

5. Does your hectic schedule limit the amount of time you have and you need someone to market your merchandise?

6. Do you want to get a jump start on the learning curve behind selling on the internet?

7. Do you know which of the 18,000 categories on eBay will be best suited to advertise your items for the best monetary return?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions you will Profit from using a Registered Trading Assistant.

At JM Enterprises we take internet marketing and auction management to the next level.

1. We have an established reputation for honest transactions that ensures maximum bidders.

2. Our high positive feedback has been established by selling on eBay for the past 4 years.

3. We are also a Square Trade Seller which enables online businesses to show trustworthiness and promote buyers confidence. All members of Square Trade’s community are identity identified and dedicated to high selling standards and excellent customer service.

4. We know through experience what works and what techniques attracts buyers.

5. Our auctions stand out and include quality photography, captivating ad copy, keywords to draw in potential bidders and hot links to other products. (Cross merchandising).

6. Merchandise is properly listed in one or more of 18,000 categories to ensure the most viewing.

7. We use the latest research and data mining techniques to properly list items for the highest possible sale prices.

8. Using JM Enterprises saves you your valuable time, effort and money .